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Nominierung für AMA-Innovationspreis 2019

Machine Learning core embedded in a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit

Alessandra Rizzo, Andrea Donadel, Marco Castellano, Rossella Bassoli, Alessia Cagidiaco, Alessandro Locardi, Paolo Rosingana, Marco Leo, Carlo Crippa (STMicroelectronics, Cornaredo)

To save power in battery-operated IoT and IIoT sensor nodes, the main microprocessor has to be kept idle for most of the time. For this reason, this new Inertial Measurement Unit has been realized with an internal Machine Learning core that enables data analysis, classification and context identification without the need for external microprocessor.

The main microprocessor, in this way, can be awaken only when specific data clusters are recognized; the huge power saving that is derived from this information processing is evident: we go from several hundreds of microamps to very few.

Marco Leo/Alessandra Rizzo
Via Tolomeo, 1
20010 Cornaredo (Italy)


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